AMEN $ Mother Function

March 2017 - January 2019
One sample, one function – a live-coded, single function demolition of the most ubiquitous sample in modern music.

Temperamental Recursions

October 2016
Live-coded performance with electromagnetic noise

The Cabinet of Luminosities

December 2015 - February 2016
Museum of Oxford
A contemporary twist on a magic lantern, commissioned by Museum of Oxford / OVADA

Meeting Point

March 2014
A public square, a projector, two cameras, two strangers, one dance - commissioned by Dancin' Oxford

The Watchfulness of Justice

November 2012
Oxford Town Hall
An interactive projection for Oxford Town Hall, commissioned by OVADA

Marking Time

March 2012
Oxford Castle Quarter
A series of interactive digital installations commissioned by Dancin' Oxford for Oxford Castle Quarter.

In A Different Light II

November - December 2011
Oxfordshire History Centre
An architectural projection intervention commissioned by Fusion Arts as part of I, Cowley.

In A Different Light

March 2011
Cowley, Oxford
A projection on a tower block commissioned by Fusion Arts as part of I, Cowley.

Radio Access Memory

June 2002 - October 2010
Various UK and Ireland
Improvised performance remixing live radio broadcasts


October 2009
Trident Way, Southall
Sound generating intervention in the doorway of Departure Gallery's exhibition in a semi-derelict warehouse.


November 2007 - March 2009
A generative screen-based work commissioned by Faces of Oxfordshire

Trees of the Cherwell Valley

November - December 2006
Banbury Museum
A generative projection installation created for the Resonance solo exhibition

Sound Pool

November - December 2006
Banbury Museum
An interactive audio-visual installation created for the Resonance solo exhibition

Invisible Cities

February 2004 - May 2006
Oxford | Bonn | Bucharest
A generative projection created with Helen Ganly


October 2002 - June 2005
Oxford | Cork
A generative musical performance based on Darwinian algorithms