Praxis LIVE

My primary software project is Praxis LIVE, a hybrid visual IDE and framework for live creative coding. It is used to develop and run most of the recent projects showcased on this site.

Praxis LIVE is free, cross-platform and open-source. Find out more or download it from


JAudioLibs is a collection of open-source Java libraries providing various audio utilities I originally developed or ported for Praxis LIVE, including a Java binding to the JACK Audio Connection Kit. These utilities are now used by a variety of other audio projects.


GStreamer is a popular open-source multimedia framework. In 2015 I took on the job of porting the existing GStreamer-Java bindings to support GStreamer 1.x. I am now the lead maintainer for these bindings, used in a variety of open-source and commercial projects, including Praxis LIVE.


All these projects are free and open-source. However, I can provide professional support and development work where required - please email me.