I have developed and worked with free and open-source software for almost 20 years. In 2019 I founded Codelerity Ltd. to help support these projects. Codelerity offer software development, consultancy and advice. We focus on real-time systems, real-time programming, media, embedded and tools on the JVM.

PraxisLIVE / PraxisCORE

PraxisLIVE is a hybrid visual IDE and framework for live programming, rethinking general purpose and creative coding. It was also used to develop and run many of the projects showcased on this site.

PraxisCORE is a modular JVM runtime for cyberphysical programming, supporting real-time coding of real-time systems. It is the heart of PraxisLIVE. With a distributed forest-of-actors architecture, runtime code changes and comprehensive introspection, PraxisCORE brings aspects of Erlang, Smalltalk and Extempore into the Java world … a powerful platform for media processing, data visualisation, sensors, robotics, IoT, and lots more!

PraxisLIVE is free, cross-platform and open-source. Find out more or download it from


GStreamer is a popular open-source multimedia framework. In 2015 I took on the job of porting the existing GStreamer-Java bindings to support GStreamer 1.x. Codelerity now lead development of these bindings, used in a variety of open-source and commercial projects, including PraxisLIVE.

Apache NetBeans

PraxisLIVE is built on top of the NetBeans IDE. I am a member of the Apache NetBeans project management committee, and also a member of the Apache Software Foundation. Recently, I have mostly been involved with NetBeans’ release process and acted as release manager for multiple releases.


JAudioLibs is a collection of open-source Java libraries providing various audio utilities I originally developed or ported for PraxisLIVE, including a Java binding to the JACK Audio Connection Kit. These utilities are now used by a variety of other projects.

Support via Codelerity Ltd.

All of these projects are free and open-source. I can provide professional support and development work via Codelerity Ltd.