Meeting Point

March 2014

As Digital Prisoners with Naomi Morris

A public square, a projector, two cameras, two strangers, one dance

A cinematic transformation of a public square, Meeting Point allows two strangers to dance together remotely from opposite sides of the space. Their combined movement, captured, merged and creatively manipulated, is projected onto a single point in the urban landscape.

Meeting Point was originally commissioned by Dancin’ Oxford in 2013 for Bonn Square in central Oxford. In 2014 we were re-commissioned to develop a new version, with eight new scenes. The 2014 version incorporated music from a variety of Oxford musicians including Tiger Mendoza, Flights of Helios, Ben Mowat and Lee Christian.

The work uses uses two infra-red CCTV cameras, custom computer software and a large-scale projector. It allows the two participants to interact with each other and, through motion detection, with the other audio and visual elements of each section.