exploring new ecologies of creation

My work explores ways of opening up and challenging the nature of creativity itself, in particular through the use of technology. Working sonically and visually, solo and in collaboration, I create live improvised performances, and context-specific generative and interactive installations. Breaking away from familiar uses of technology as a reproductive medium, much of my work exists in real-time and real-space - each moment a unique and unrepeatable experience.

I also work as a technologist, specialising in developing and supporting free open-source technology. In 2019 I founded Codelerity Ltd. to pursue this work. Codelerity offer software development, consultancy and advice. We focus on real-time systems, real-time programming, media, embedded and tools on the JVM.

Contact Details

I live and work in Oxford (UK).

Tel: +44 7957 462822
Email: neil@neilcsmith.net