Live Coding

October 2016 - May 2017

Over the last year I’ve been working on a couple of new improvised live-coding performance pieces using Praxis LIVE.

AMEN $ Mother Function

One sample, one function – a live-coded, single function demolition of the most ubiquitous sample in modern music. This new performance work is both an essay in conceptual minimalism and an attempt at filling the dance floor with the aid of one wavetable and a little maths.

The silent $ in the title (also used in the code), is in tribute to Gregory C. Coleman, the original drummer of the Amen break, who died homeless and broke.

  • LPM : Radion, Amsterdam : May 18 2017
  • Electric Nights : Athens : Apr 1 2017
  • Audiograft : Old Fire Station, Oxford : Mar 10 2017

Temperamental Recursions

This piece is created by feeding back electromagetic noise captured from the laptop using a telephone pickup coil, and passing it through various live-coded filters to create all of the sound. Data from the audio is also used to control visual aspects of the performance.

The first live performance of this piece was in October 2016 in Hamilton, Canada, alongside my paper on Praxis LIVE at the International Conference on Live Coding.